My Week In Pictures

There's been too much happening lately to write about all of it. So I thought I'd show you… This is my life in 7 days…

Swinging around, feeling like King Louie.

Surfing inside a van,,, while it's moving. Bit of a challenge….

Surfing outside the van!

Taping fireworks to a skateboard. Not as risky as it sounds, and a hell of a lot more fun! It doesn't do much, you don't go faster, it just looks pretty!

More road trip to the beach with beautiful people.

Yet another day at yet another beach.

An incredible night out with the girls, and then the boys, but they didn't last long. Our last one in town!!

An unexpected over-nighter at a beach. We arrived a bit too late for the evening swell, so we decided to make use of the random tents we keep in the car and stayed in a little car park on top of the hill,, where we possibly shouldn't have been,, spending the night talking and laughing and pulling silly faces and eating croissants and making each other groan with embarrassment.

Sharing breathtaking sunsets with a breathtaking boy.

More surfing in the morning!

Then jumping from rocks and swimming in the sea. Before stretching out on the stones and letting our bodies dry under the sun.

And then yesterday, he took me sailing. It was the first time I'd ever been, and I never wanted to come back in! There's something so free about being out in the ocean, with nothing modern wordly, just you, the boat and the breeze. And the boy of course. When the sun went down, we were seriously close to just sailing off into the sunset. It felt like we could sail there and reach this place where everything was good, where there was no sickness, no modern world, just us and our boat and our smiles.

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