Him Again

He's here again today. The same guy from before, the blunt one. I'm sat here looking out over the sea and he sits beside me once more.
'Come here often?' He asks and I laugh. 'Aden' he tells me, offering his hand.
'Kalewi,' I tell him.
'So how are we feeling today?' He says, looking at me as though he is looking through me.
'Fine,' I try to say, but he is already carrying on; 'Tired? Sad? Thoughtful? Contemplative?'
I look back at him, my eyes wide, trying to see through him instead. He is tall, and tanned, with sun bleached blonde hair and strong blue eyes that are almost green that light up his face. His body is fit and firm, muscular, from I imagine years of being active.
'Scared?' He adds after a pause.
'What are you talking about?' I try to laugh it off, trying not to show that he's breaking down my defences.
'Sitting up here all by yourself as the sun goes down. None of your noisy friends here today, just you, silence and the sea.'
'Fresh air.' I tell him. 'Sometimes it's nice.'
'Sure.' He says with that unbelieving voice.
'You know what?' I answer back, louder than I expected, 'you don't know anything. Come here and try and tell me I'm sad or scared or whatever. You don't know me.'
'Maybe that's what you need.' He replies calmly, not rising to my bait. 'Someone who doesn't know anything about you. Someone who will just listen.'
'Right.' I say, getting to my feet. 'That's just what I need.'

And I'm gone, feeling his eyes boring into my back as I walk away.

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