I Will Fight

I'm 18 years old. This shouldn't be happening.
But it is.

They say there's nothing I can do about it.
But there is.

I can fight. I will fight.
And then I'll show them who's the sick one.

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  1. hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. send me your address (juliebelfer@yahoo.com) and i'll mail you a napkin (regular mail)!!
    by the way, coincidences don't happen. everything happens for a reason. i support you in your fight, even though i don't know you and we live very far away (i'm in brazil). but i support you because i survived a huge malignant cancer in my head. not brain, so i know it wasn't as difficult maybe, but it was a big fight. going through it, it felt like it wasn't worth it sometimes, but now, 5 yrs later, i see how difficult it was but i also see that i have breathing space, life can be good. be honest in your fight. accept your his and your lows. have faith that things will, somehow, be alright. we're right there with you...
    keep in touch, if you need. :) hugs, julie.