This Is Me

Maybe I should tell you more about me...
My name is Kalewi and I'm 18years old. I'm a student. I play volleyball, surf, snowboard and trampoline for my uni. I also dance, swim, skate-longboard and I want to start kickboxing.
I love sunshine and I love the rain. I love smiles and laughter, and vanilla ice cream, and the smell of freshly baked cookies as they come out of the oven. I love the lines that planes make in the sky and the silly things that children say. I love family who make you happy and family who make you cry, and I love that feeling when you can look around all the way and see nobody, when you're so far alone that you can see nobody. To me, that's real bliss. I love the noise and the happiness that comes from living in a big city, but to me, to be standing on the beach, looking out at the water, or hidden up in a tree where no one can see you, that's where the special moments are.

So I have three parents; momma, dad and stepmom. There was a sort-of-stepdad at one point too and his two kids who were my sort-of-stepsiblings. But they're out of the picture now. My parents split when I was 12, and as nasty as it might sound, I'm glad they did. They were unhappy so long, and now they are getting that happiness back. Although at the time, I wasn't so understanding. My parents are fantastic, and even though I'm 300 miles away from them, I only left to escape the town, not them.

I have one older brother who lives a little closer - only 250 miles away. He is called Simba, because he has a big mane of hair and he's big and strong and my own personal lion. We were best friends when we were younger, but we drifted apart through school and now eventually we're good friends again. And by 'drifted apart' I mean 'We Wanted To Kill Each Other'.

My best friend lives back in my old home too, and I miss her everyday. She's so special because she has this crazy insight to the world that makes her so thoughtful and so so so clever. She's fast too, got a tongue that could rival the best. Her wit is brilliant! So quick, so sharp and so funny!

So now it's just me, all alone in my little uni room, away from my family and all the friends I've had my whole life. And although I miss them all a lot, I've never been happier. My new home is beautiful. The friends I've made here just blow my mind again and again with their kindness and their soul and their altogether beauty. Every now and again it still strikes me that people have the capacity to be so beautiful, and not just physically. To see something that can make you smile for the rest of the day is special. And to me, that happens pretty much every day.

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  1. You just became a follower of my blog and now I am a follower of yours. Beautiful writing! I remember what it was like to be 18 and look forward to reading more.